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13th Mar 2017

Paul Pogba looked absolutely devastated to be put out of the FA Cup. Honest.

Really, really hurting

Conan Doherty

When you empty yourself as much as Paul Pogba did on Monday night, you can leave the field with no regrets.

The Frenchman might’ve come with a pricey enough tag but he’s making it back in effort alone never mind effect.

#Pogba is United to the core. #Pogba is all about the team. #Pogba drags men along with him when he’s not willing to accept circumstances, however harsh they might be.

Against the greatest of adversaries on Monday night – away at the best team, Mourinho’s old club, cup knockout, shorn of their goalscorer and down to 10 men – Paul Pogba did everything humanly possible and beyond to make sure United would at least go down swinging if they really had to eventually be brought to their knees.

After 70 minutes, the stats doing the rounds said it all. This was an inspired performance from a man possessed.

  • 0 shots
  • 0 dribbles
  • 0 key passes
  • 1 tackle
  • 1 foul
  • 8 times dispossessed

When all was said and done, Pogba could look himself in the mirror on Monday night at a job well done. What’s that Invictus poem?

“My head was bloody but unbowed…”

That pretty much sums it up for the gallant French man who could not have done any more. Not one thing.

Even at that, he tried again. A left-footed effort from way down field – at least 20 metres out – rolled wide. Just wide, barely wide, about 10 feet wide.

A flick-on from big Fellaini was met with an agonising Pogba touch. The ball just got away from him, barely, straight into the ‘keeper’s hands – who was a good 15 metres away.

In the end, his efforts – his incredible efforts – were all in vain. But that’s the beauty of sport. Go for it as hard as you can for as long as you can and shake your opponent’s hand afterwards.

Or celebrate with your old manager and congratulate the goalscorer who just put you out of the cup.

Another good night’s work for Paul Pogba. Self-respect is the only thing that matters in this world.