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25th Nov 2018

WATCH: Lukas Podolski and Andres Iniesta involved in mass brawl during J1 League match

Lukas Podolski and Andres Iniesta were involved in a mass brawl after a late equaliser from their opponent's goalkeeper triggered an angry reaction

Reuben Pinder

This is not what Iniesta had in mind when he joined Vissel Kobe

Andrés Iniesta has never been a confrontational player. He prefers to do his talking on the pitch, with his feet.

Lukas Poldolski… less so, but still he’s not exactly Diego Costa. However, both of them were caught up in a mass brawl during injury time between Vissel Kobe and Shimizu S-Pulse.

Vissel Kobe had a 3-1 lead in the 87th minute, though they were a man down after Naoyuki Fajita was sent off in the 83rd.

Two late goals from the home side saw them bring it back to 3-3. And when I say late, I mean goalkeeper coming up for a corner and scoring a header in the 104th minute of regulation time late. That actually happened. It’s the stuff of dreams.

However what followed was ugly. In the 108th minute, Wellington Luis de Sousa was sent off, meaning that Vissel Kobe were reduced to nine men. That decision sparked a mass brawl. Even Iniesta, master of keeping things calm, could not keep a lid on things.

Podolski, Vissel Kobe’s captain, was involved in a confrontation before being escorted to safety.

This sort of thing happens in football. We’ve all reacted irrationally and emotionally to a late goal that goes against our side, it’s just strange to see Iniesta and Podolski involved in a brawl instead than combining to scored a delightfully crafted goal.