WATCH: Kyle Walker humiliates Harry Maguire with disgusting nutmeg 3 years ago

WATCH: Kyle Walker humiliates Harry Maguire with disgusting nutmeg

The video only adds insult to injury

The England squad is full of great guys. Harry Kane: great guy. John Stones: great guy. Kyle Walker: great guy. Harry Maguire: slab head and most importantly, great guy.


During the World Cup they inspired hope among the nation, that maybe, for once, we might not be a disaster on the biggest stage of the all. And they delivered. They lost in the semi-finals but came back heroes, every last one of them.

They have now reconvened for the first international break of the season, and the banter is flowing. Absolutely flowing. They might be playing Spain on Saturday, but they're not letting that daunting task get in the way of the most important thing: banter.

Kyle Walker, the world's best right-back, has kicked things off with a bang, savagely nutmegging Harry Maguire in training and rubbing salt in the wounds by uploading a video of it to social media with a musical bed of 'The Sound of Silence'.

Words don't do it justice. Watch for yourself.


Thank you Kyle. Firstly, for being a brilliant footballer, and secondly for bringing this masterpiece to our timelines. Thank you.