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13th Dec 2015

WATCH: Conor McGregor shows champions class with respectful gesture to Jose Aldo

No hard feelings

Patrick McCarry

Peace reigns after 13 seconds of war.

Conor McGregor’s victory over Jose Aldo was seven years in the making and, as a UFC main event, spanned most of 2015.

The Irishman spent most of the previous 12 months getting in the Brazilian’s face, but their frosty relationship thawed in the past week.

Following the final UFC 194 press conference on Wednesday night, McGregor made a respectful bow to Aldo, which was duly returned.

And post-fight on Saturday, The Notorious was the very definition of respect.

He sought out the defeated, stunned Aldo for a hug. He then spoke well of him in his chat with Joe Rogan. He commented:

He’s powerful and he’s fast but precision beats power and timing beats speed. Honestly, I feel for Jose. He was a phenomenal champion. We deserved to go a little bit longer.

Before his hand was raised, McGregor shared a few more words with Aldo.

McGregor class

Finally, when Aldo was finished with his interview with Rogan, McGregor led the applause for him as he left the octagon.

It was great to see all animosity put to one side.

Aldo respect applause