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02nd May 2017

Watch and admire Sky Sports News’ bizarre attempt to promote its morning show

'What the fuck have I just seen on Sky Sports News?'

Simon Lloyd

Perhaps times are tough over at Sky Sports?

With the arrival of BT Sport a couple of years back driving up the cost of exclusive Premier League broadcasting rights, maybe certain budgets have had to be cut?

If this is the case, it might explain why the presenters over at Sky Sports News have had to be a little creative when it comes to promoting their channel’s shows.

Yep, seemingly the days of going to town on fancy, big-budget stuff like this are long gone…

Instead of asking Jeff Stelling to sail a speedboat down the Thames or giving the slow motion treatment to a few leather-clad female presenters as they walk away from an explosion, the good people at SSN now seem happy enough to produce short Mastermind-inspired ads from the comfort of their own studio.

Just take a few seconds to admire the work of Mike Wedderburn and Alex Hammond as they make everyone aware that ‘Good Morning Sports Fans’ airs every morning at 6am.

The clip, which was shown on Tuesday, was enough to make viewers ask ‘What the fuck have I just seen on Sky Sports News?’


Georgie Thompson didn’t leave, present a bit of F1 and later marry Ben Ainslie for this.

And don’t dare tell us it’s a slow news day.