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12th Jun 2016

Viewers can’t get over Joachim Low’s sweaty pits during Germany vs Ukraine

Patchy performance

Nooruddean Choudry

Never let it be said we don’t cover the important issues.

Germany faced Ukraine in the European Championships on Sunday evening, and in many ways it was a fascinating encounter. Could Ukraine add a cutting edge to their compact defending and neat play? Would the Germans buck their poor form going into the tournament? Any chance of Manuel Neuer staying in his area?

There was also a plethora of tremendous footballing talent on show too: Ozil, Konoplyanka, Kroos, Yarmolenko, Muller, etc. But it wasn’t the world-class play that caught the eye of viewers at home, but rather a perspiring performance off the pitch. In fact many were mightily relieved sniff-o-vision wasn’t a thing.

FBL-EURO-2016-MATCH7-GER-UKR : News Photo

When Germany scored the opening goal, thanks to Toni Kroos’ wonderful delivery and Shkodran Mustafi’s bullet header, the camera naturally cut to the jubilant Teutonic bench. Front and centre was Joachim Low, the usually elegant and stylish head coach of Die Mannschaft. And it was his noticeably sweaty pits that had many armchair fans feeling decidedly pukey.

Now we absolutely appreciate that perspiration is a healthy and normal function of the human body. We’re not here to judge – but this lot are….