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31st Jul 2018

Manchester United filmed putting in zero effort in pre-season training video

They struggled to put four passes together during a rondo exercise

Reuben Pinder

There was absolutely no urgency

The mood amongst Manchester United fans right now is not at its most positive. Rival clubs strengthening in the transfer market and disappointing pre-season form has not done much to inspire hope for the season ahead among the team’s fanbase.

Now a video of the team doing a ‘rondo’ – a drill in which two players try to intercept first-time passes between teammates standing in a circle – has only compounded fans’ fears.

Journalist Samuel Lukhurst tweeted a video of the pre-season squad taking part in the exercise, in the footage players fail to string more than four quick passes together while generally appearing disinterested.

The reaction was as you’d expect. Fans are panicking at the lack of sharpness and the players’ apparent lack of ability to keep the ball in tight spaces.

The natural comparison to Premier League champions and local rivals Manchester City, who excel at this sort of exercise, has only made matters worse.

Some United fans are so embarrassed by the video they’d rather it was removed from public domain.

It’s not as if United lack the players to play quick, passing football. Paul Pogba, Fred, Juan Mata, Jesse Lingard, and Ander Herrera are all capable enough midfielders to adopt the style of play the fans seem to want, but it is up to Mourinho to coach it into them.