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22nd Dec 2015

VIDEO: Jose Aldo’s mother has the final say after her son’s brutal KO



Roceline Souza was happy enough to see her son’s entrance to the octagon at UFC 194.

Jose Aldo’s mother was then planning on heading home to catch the post-fight interviews and to wait on a phone-call from her son.

She did not get too far, however, as Conor McGregor delivered a 13-second knockout that ended Aldo’s 10-year unbeaten streak.

Surrounded by reporters and TV cameras, she backed her son to the hilt. She declared:

“In the UFC anything can happen but, in the name of Jesus, we will have a rematch.

“Do not be sad. These things happen to warriors. Aldo is a warrior.”

A proud, proud woman.

The video, from Globo Esporte, was released last week but it is certainly worth a watch.