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05th Nov 2015

Absinthe leads to poolside mayhem in The Ultimate Fighter house (Video)

It all kicked off


Kids, this is why Absinthe is never a good idea.

Team USA came apart at the seams during episode seven of The Ultimate Fighter.

Chris Gruetzemacher and Julian Erosa very nearly came to blows after having one too many shots of “The Green Fairy” in the back garden of the TUF house.

Erosa, who defeated one of the tournament’s favourites in episode six, began accusing Gruetzemacher of having the most boring fight of the season thus far and that clearly didn’t sit well with Gritz. 

Gruetzemacher began emptying the contents of every bottle in front of him into the face of his teammate which led to Erosa urging Gruetzemacher to throw a punch.

The back-and-forth very nearly descended into Junie Browning territory as Erosa put his guard up as if to start a full-on backyard brawl but Team Europe’s fighters quickly rushed over to dispel the tension.

To find out whether the dissension in the ranks the ranks, check out how Team Faber got on in this week’s fight.

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