Usain Bolt had a go at javelin at Rio and he did remarkably well for a sprinter 5 years ago

Usain Bolt had a go at javelin at Rio and he did remarkably well for a sprinter

Usain Bolt is the fastest man on the planet.

The Jamaican sprinter won a clean sweep of gold medals in his three sprint events at the 2016 Olympic Games.


The 30-year-old struck triple gold in the 100m, 100m relay and 200m events at Rio - the third time he has achieved the feat at the Olympics.

While he is the quickest thing on two legs at Rio, it turns out he's not to bad with his arms either.

His famously long levers and powerful frame make him the perfect sprinter, but also lend themselves to other sporting disciplines.

Bolt was filmed mucking about with a javelin after hours at the Olympic Stadium and he didn't do too badly at all. There really is nothing this man can't do.

While he probably hasn't thrown many javelins in his life, Bolt did surprisingly well and hit a distance that put him in the echelons of competitive throwers.



Officials there to witness Bolt have a go with the javelin recorded his throw as 56m.

While it's not going to trouble the likes of 2016 Olympic champion Thomas Rohler with his mammoth 90.3m throw, it certainly puts him in range of some of the Games' female throwers and even heptathletes and decathletes.

His impromptu effort fell short of the worst throw in the women's javelin final at 57.7m, it certainly put him in the running in the women's heptathlon.

He also beat four of the decathlon competitors at Rio with his throw - and he wasn't a million miles off the winner Cuba's Leonel Suarez's 72.3m throw.

So if Bolt was ever considering a new challenge after blowing everyone on away on the track yet again, he could probably have a go at decathlon with a bit of practice on his throwing and jumping.



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