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08th Jan 2017

Ben Woodburn was comically young when Reds team-mate Lucas last scored for Liverpool

This just does not seem possible

Conan Doherty

Sharp, skillful, game.

Ben Woodburn is a precocious talent, he’s a pure footballer, but he’s tenacious too. He’s up for it. He’ll go in and win a dirty ball and then he’ll spread you on toast if you let him.

To make it in this game, you have to be bloody good. Everyone plays football, you don’t come through the system if you’re a mug – unless you’re Tom Cleverley. To make it at Liverpool though, you have to be more than just a good footballer. You have to have something else and you have to have something inside you.

A pride. A drive. A desire.

Ben Woodburn is only 17. He has a long way to go before he even starts to show that he can make it – but Anfield on a cup Sunday is as good a place to start as any.

The Wales youth international made his first start for Liverpool in the 0-0 draw with Plymouth Argyle and, although the game ended in a scoreless draw with Klopp’s men now forced to travel to the League 2 outfit to advance in the FA Cup, young Woodburn warmed the hearts of a few onlookers.

He looked composed under pressure and he knew where the goals were.

He got 74 minutes in all and his shift was greatly appreciated and admired by the Kop faithful. Some of them at least.

We’ll not bother with the tweets from this game, Liverpool fans on social media are very angry right now. Come back later.

You know, he’s only just turned 17 too.

To put it into context how young he is: Lucas Leiva, ladies and gentlemen.

Ben Woodburn was 9 when Lucas Leiva last scored for Liverpool.

The Brazilian midfielder has scored just once for the club. That was in his second season, a header against Newcastle in the 2008/09 season.

  • Lucas last scored (only scored) in May 2009.
  • Ben Woodburn was born in October 1999.

He hadn’t even hit his 10th birthday when Lucas was last hitting the net.

Is Woodburn emerging ridiculously early? Or is Lucas just ridiculously shit in front of goals?

You’re right, it’s a bit of both. And yet the midfielder thought he was the man to step up in the 95th minute to hit a 30-yard effort against Plymouth on Sunday. He wasn’t.

Ben Woodburn will have better luck in his career though. He’s going places.