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09th Feb 2023

The Ultimate Manchester City transfer quiz: 2008-2023

Lee Costello

If it’s the end of an era – what an era it’s been.

It looks like Manchester City‘s overzealous spending has finally caught up with them, and when you look back at their transfer history in recent years it’s easy to see why.

Since the millions were injected into the club from 2008 onwards, City have been splashing the cash like its nobody’s business.

Four managers have been at helm since the cash flow quadrupled and each of these gaffers have made some brilliant, and frankly shocking, decisions in the transfer market.

City quiz

This quiz will make you say phrases like “Oh I forgot about him” or “I didn’t know he even played for City” and other such sentences that would be muttered when one’s memory is jogged.

The real question is – how closely have you been paying attention to the wheelings and dealings of the blue half of Manchester?

We all remember the obvious ones like Robinho, Sergio Aguero and Raheem Sterling, but what about your Wilfred Bonys, Benjanis and the like?

We’re not saying that if you get full marks in this quiz then you don’t have a life, but we’re legally obliged to suggest that you get some more sunshine, and turn off Sky Sports News every once in a while.

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