Tyrone Mings on the benefits of introducing plant-based foods into his diet 2 months ago

Tyrone Mings on the benefits of introducing plant-based foods into his diet

Mings is the latest elite athlete to realise the worth of plant-based foods

For many years, footballers' diets were often no different than those of regular people. In the UK at least, footballers would eat heavy meals like steak before a match, sometimes even enjoying a little beer while they're at it. Let us not forget, either, that many players used to smoke at half-time.


Those days are long gone however, and an increasing number of professional athletes are moving away from exclusively eating meat to fuel them.

Spanish right-back Hector Bellerin is one of the most high-profile vegan athletes around, while NBA star Kyrie Irving is also said to eat a plant-based diet.

Tyrone Mings has now become the latest star to realise the benefits of introducing plant-based elements into his diet, and has partnered with Alpro to get the word out there.

“Between year-round training, competitions, and more, life’s been busy – and making sure I’m fuelling the right way is key to my performance, both on and off the pitch," he said.

"Eating more plant-based foods is such an easy way to make sure I’m getting in plenty of nutrients – including protein – and doing my bit for the planet too. Alpro Soya High Protein has become my go-to.”

Tyrone Mings has joined Adam Peaty, Nicola Adams, and Heather Watson to form Alpro's “Team PB” as they look to get the nation trying more plant-based protein and sports.