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22nd Apr 2017

Troy Deeney’s powerful words after Watford’s defeat to Hull City is excellent captaincy

Paul Moore

One of our favourite post-match interviews. Well said.

At the present moment, Watford are stuck in Premier League limbo because the Hornets have now hit that magical mark of 40 points.

As we’ve seen countless times, certain players in this situation have a tendency to take an early holiday and while we’re not saying that’s the case at Vicarage Road, it’s clear that the Watford captain, Troy Deeney, has had some choice words for his teammates.

As you may know, Watford are currently nine points clear of the relegation zone, and unless they suffer a massive collapse which coincides with dramatically improved results from the other sides at the bottom, it’s very likely that they’ll avoid getting sucked into a dogfight.

This being said, Deeney was disgusted with the performance levels of his teammates this afternoon after they lost to the 10-men of Hull City by 2-0.

After the game, Deeney spoke with Match of the Day reporters and gave his frank opinion about the match.

“One team had a set of balls and ran and kicked and did all the horrible stuff, and the other team just wanted to play the game like it was FIFA.  I’m not in the business of apologising to fans, but that’s not fair. It’s a long dig to get there (Hull) and we’ve a moral responsibility to play a lot better than that,” he said.

Granted, Watford’s Premier League status should be secure for the 2017/18 season, but it’s reassuring to know that Deeney is acknowledging that Watford supporters have spent their hard-earned money to see their side play.

They deserve much better.