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02nd Jan 2017

This is how Ronaldo has taught his son to respond to ‘Messi is better’ jibes

The one taunt Cristiano junior is bound to face.

Mike Wright

There are some definite perks to being the son of one of the greatest footballers on the planet.

Such as deciding which supercar you fancy being driven to school in each morning. Or winning the playground ‘whose dad is better’ argument hands down every single time.

But Cristiano Ronaldo knows there are also drawbacks for his six-year-old son having such a famous father. The footballer has revealed how he has taught Cristiano junior to deal with the inevitable stick that comes his way.

Now if someone is trying to annoy the Cristianos, there’s only one thing they can really use – Leo Messi. So there are not too many bases to cover on this paternal advice front.

Speaking to ON TV Ronaldo said:

“There are people who sometimes say to him that ‘there is another player who is better than your father’, but he knows how to deal with that.

“He is a smart boy, like me. I often tell him ‘be yourself and be polite’.

“I know that he will go through periods of adversity as there are jealous people out there, but I see him as a happy child.”

Ronaldo also went on to talk about his hopes for his son. Unsurprisingly the Real Madrid forward wouldn’t be unhappy to see his boy follow in his studded footsteps.

Yet he knows that the path would not be easy, especially for any child of his, and is wary of putting pressure on his young son, according to the Mail.

Ronaldo added:

“Of course I would like it if he became a footballer.

“I know that it is a challenge and that it isn’t easy, but he can be whatever he wants to be as I won’t pressure him.

“I might be pushing him a little in the direction of becoming a footballer, but not to be a goalkeeper as I want him to be a forward.”

No pressure then, Cristiano junior.