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29th Aug 2015

This is how little chance Holly Holm has of beating Ronda Rousey, says her *own* training partner

Can't believe her own training partner would say this...

Ben Kenyon

One thing that’s for certain in MMA is that everyone has a puncher’s chance.

You can be on the end of a serious beat down but one big shot can put your opponents lights out and finish the fight.

But it seems like this doesn’t count if you’re fighting undefeated UFC bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey – even if you’re former boxer Holly Holm, who’s arguably the best puncher in the division.

Not many people are giving her a chance against Rowdy in the fight which looks set to be moved forward from January 2, to UFC 193 in November after an injury to Robbie Lawler.

But even her own team-mates aren’t giving her much of a chance of beating Rousey.

ronda rousey animated GIF

Training partner and fellow UFC bantamweight Sarah Kaufman really wants Holm to win, but said it was ‘almost impossible.’

Kaufman told MMA Junkie: “Ronda is who she is; she’s proven herself to be a phenomenal athlete, and this fight is pretty interesting if you look at she just knocked out Bethe (Correia) – Holly is an amazing boxer, she’s southpaw.

“I train with Holly and she’s fast, she’s powerful and she picks things up fast. I want to stand behind my team-mate.

“It’s almost impossible to say she’s going to come out with the win, but I do think Holly has the ability if she comes in and fights the right plan to make it a very tough fight and potentially get that win. I want to stand behind her.”

Let’s hope she’s got a f**king dynamite plan then.