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11th Nov 2015

This desperate fan’s plea is surely the most embarrassing moment of the season (Video)

"Please, please forgive him"

Kevin Beirne

It’s very rare that seeing your team lose 5-3 to get knocked out of a second cup in four days isn’t the most embarrassing thing you witness that day.

But for this fan, who we think is named Michael, things somehow got even worse.

As well as seeing his beloved Plymouth Argyle lose to Millwall, he made the ill-advised decision of pleading with his partner for forgiveness – via the stadium announcer.

The announcer read a note saying: “Michael knows he did a stupid thing and he’s sorry for hurting you. And please, please forgive him.”

In case you’re wondering what it sounded like, the club posted a vine of the announcement to their official page…

If any of you have ever been near a football stadium in your life, you’ll know what came next…