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23rd Nov 2015

This 90-year-old Norwegian woman is better at keepy-uppies than you (Video)

Tom Victor

If you ever played football as a child, keepy-uppie contests were probably a big part of your life for a little while.

There’s something about the blend of skill and competitive spirit that appeals to us all, and the activity can immediately transport you back to the jumpers-for-goalposts games of your youth.

Someone else who uses keepy-uppies to make her feel young again is Norwegian Åse Marie Nordhagen.

The great-grandmother, who has recently entered her nineties, has a personal record of more than 1,000 but now practices her skills just for fun.

“I can’t go past the ball in the hallway without picking it up and doing a few keepy-uppies,” Nordhagen told Norwegian newspaper Dagbladet.

“It takes me back to my childhood,” she added.