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01st Oct 2017

The only word for this red card from Ligue 1 is “ridiculous”

The referee didn't appreciate seeing his yellow card hit the deck

Darragh Murphy

Marcelo can feel slightly hard done by here.

Lyon were coasting towards victory during their trip to Angers on Sunday afternoon and enjoyed a 3-1 lead over the hosts at half-time.

Former Manchester United winger Memphis Depay put breathing room between the sides before the break but a red card for Marcelo after 50 minutes gave Angers the impetus to claw their way back into the game and claim a draw.

An innocuous foul on the edge of the box convinced the referee to flash a yellow card in the direction of the Brazilian centre-half but that’s when things got silly.

As Marcelo turned away and threw his hands up in despair, the motion coincided with the referee’s lowering of the yellow card.

The 30-year-old accidentally flicked the card out of the official’s clutches and there was only one man in the stadium who saw it as an intentional display of dissent.

The red card promptly followed, despite the fact that Marcelo had absolutely never intended to hit the yellow away.

Ridiculous, right?