The irony of James Milner's post-match comment was not lost on supporters 2 years ago

The irony of James Milner's post-match comment was not lost on supporters

It's almost like James Milner was dared to sneak the word "boring" into his post-match interview.

Milner will forever be linked with the word due to the stellar work done by the Twitter account which was established in his honour, @BoringMilner.

The parody account regularly tweets out the most mundane information, pretending to be the versatile Liverpool man and it's always good for a chuckle.

Real-life Milner has acknowledged the account's existence in the past as he read out tweets from @BoringMilner in a video last summer.

But viewers couldn't believe what the 31-year-old was calling for after Liverpool drew 3-3 with Arsenal at the Emirates on Friday night.

The Reds found themselves 2-0 up but, within the space of a few second-half minutes, were trailing 3-2 to the hosts thanks in no small part to an error from Reds goalkeeper Simon Mignolet.

Liverpool fought back to rescue a draw and, in his post-match interview, Milner demanded less excitement... and more boredom from the team in future performances.

"We’ve got to see the game out," Milner insisted.

"We’ve got to become more boring.

"All the goals were our fault. We need to sense when it’s time to keep the ball more, to tighten things up."

Milner likely isn't anywhere near as boring in real life and his manager, Jurgen Klopp, claimed that the midfielder is actually quite the opposite of how the account portrays him.

"I heard [about the @BoringMilner account] once. But it could not be further from the truth," Klopp said last year.

"He is a proper English professional. With the humour and – what do you say? – big mouth!

"He is a very funny person. I have no idea where it came from. But perhaps it is about having the same haircut since he was at Leeds!"