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03rd Mar 2017

The ‘Free Alexis Sanchez’ march was a bit of a disaster

Paul Moore

They could make a decent 5-a-side team.

With the future of Alexis Sanchez still up in the air, Arsenal fans will be desperately hoping that their key player will be at the Emirates next season.

The 5-1 capitulation to Bayern Munich probably hasn’t helped things and as we said a few weeks ago, some Chilean fans even organised an official march to get Sanchez out of Arsenal.

We all know that Arsenal fans have a tendency to let their passions run wild,  hello Arsenal TV, but the turnout for this march was as pathetic as the performance of Igors Stepanovs during their 6-1 defeat to Man Utd.

As you can see below, 14,000 people said that they would attend the event.

We were expecting passion, fire and pride. Instead…

…we got disappointment and a missed opportunity. That doesn’t sound familiar at all. Specialists in failure, eh?

How many people showed up? Five.

Five. Five people.