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07th Mar 2018

Not everyone agrees with Steven Gerrard’s snap placement of Mohamed Salah among Premier League’s African elite

He was really put on the spot

Ben Kiely

“Is Mohamed Salah the greatest African player in Premier League history?”

With not much time to think, Steven Gerrard struggled to formulate a proper answer to this question about Mohamed Salah. He paused for a few seconds before issuing the presenter on BT Sport the following response:

“It is a tough one with such short thinking time. Yes, probably. I think you’ll have to wait to see how he finishes the season, but if he continues to score goals and sets a record then you’d have to say yes.”

Maybe. It depends. A politician’s answer if ever we heard one.

Not the worst reply given the speed at which he had to present it, but perhaps one full season in the Premier League, even if it is a record-setting one, isn’t enough to warrant that accolade. Although he played two seasons with Chelsea before going off to Italy, it wasn’t really until he arrived at Liverpool that he lit up the English top flight.

Gerrard was forgetting other players from the continent who had a greater body of work in the Premier League. Didier Drogba, Michael Essien, Yaya Toure and pre-contract negotiations Emmanuel Adebayor immediately spring to mind. Fans were quick to show Stevie G the error of his ways.