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06th Aug 2017

Steven Gerrard definitely doesn’t agree with Glenn Hoddle’s Everton prediction

It was subtle but viewers spotted it

Darragh Murphy

Steven Gerrard’s reaction said it all.

The Liverpool legend joined Glenn Hoddle and Frank Lampard in the BT Sport studio on Sunday afternoon to preview the Community Shield, as well as the upcoming Premier League season.

Prior to Chelsea vs. Arsenal at Wembley, all three former England internationals were asked to predict how the campaign will play out.

There were the expected shows of bias, with Lampard picking former side Chelsea to retain the trophy and Gerrard reckoning Liverpool would be the Blues’ closest competitors in the title race.

But as the predictions went further afield, Hoddle announced that he was so impressed with Everton’s summer spending that he could see the Toffees making the top six come next May.

Hoddle suggested that Everton, having undergone a serious personnel transformation over the past few weeks, might surprise a few fans.

It won’t shock you to learn that Gerrard disagreed.

Having joined Liverpool’s academy at the age of 9, an anti-Everton sentiment likely courses through the former captain’s veins and he was in disbelief at Hoddle’s suggestion.

Several supporters picked up on Gerrard’s subtle shake of the head and vacant stare as he made his disagreement clear for all to see on live television.