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15th Apr 2017

Seriously, you NEED to see this hilarious footage of Tony Adams leading a training session

Absolute magic

Simon Lloyd

Tony Adams is making quite the impact at Granada.

Sure, they might not have played a game since the former Arsenal captain was given manager’s job for the rest of the season, but still…

With the club facing up to the very real possibility that they’ll be dropping out of the Spanish top flight in a matter of weeks, the news that Adams has offered trials to Kieran Richardson and Nigel Reo-Coker will no doubt have convince the club’s supporters that the new man in charge can steer their ship out of relegation-threatened waters (admittedly, that’s a shit metaphor).

And not only this, just look at this footage of Adams from the training ground…

Featured on Soccer AM, the video apparently shows the 50-year-old during his very first training session with the club, enthusiastically instructing his players to… well, we don’t really know.

Waving his hands about before completing a few shuttle runs, whatever it is that he’s asking his players to do *does* go perfectly to the Michael Jackson Beat It music that accompanies it.

Just take a few seconds to appreciate it…

If Arsene Wenger does leave Arsenal in a few weeks, perhaps this is just the sort of training method that will help get them back to where their supporters feel they belong.

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