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29th Sep 2017

Sergio Aguero explains what happened in car accident which broke his rib

The crash took place in Amsterdam

Darragh Murphy

Sergio Aguero has broken his silence after being involved in a car crash on Thursday night.

Aguero could be out for as long as two months following the accident, which took place in Amsterdam, and he will return to Manchester City on Friday.

The Argentine forward was a passenger in a taxi en route to the airport after attending a concert by the Colombian singer, Maluma, when the vehicle left the road and collided with a lamp post.

“The taxi driver did not see the curve and skidded,” Aguero told Radio Metro de Argentina. “And when he skidded, we hit the pole.

“I broke my rib, now I’m resting. It hurts me badly. I’ll be discharged in a little while.”

Aguero has scored seven goals already this season but manager Pep Guardiola will be without his top scorer for several fixtures, meaning he will depend on Gabriel Jesus to pick up the slack left by the absence of City’s No. 10.

“Sergio is still in Amsterdam but he’s coming back. I don’t know exactly what he has,” Guardiola said in his Friday press conference.

“Of course it was an accident but fortunately he comes back and can recover as soon as possible. It was a day off.

“It was a day off, not a problem. I’ve not spoken to him, I was busy preparing. I’ll speak this afternoon with him.

“But I know he’s OK and we hope he will recover as soon as possible.

“He cannot play tomorrow. He cannot go with Argentina. I don’t know until he sees the doctor.

“First impression is that he’s broken a rib but how many days he’ll be out, I don’t know.”