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29th Apr 2017

Seamus Coleman recalls what went through his head when he realised his leg was broken

"I knew instantly."

Ben Kiely

We’ve said it before and we’re going to keep saying it, Seamus Coleman’s attitude towards the worst injury of his career is something we can all learn from.

It’s a heartbreaking reality that a short moment can have such a long-standing impact.

For the Republic of Ireland captain, that one horror tackle from Neil Taylor during the World Cup qualifier at the Aviva Stadium will affect him for a very long time. However, the one thing that it hasn’t affected, it seems, is his mindset.

The body may be weakened, but his mentality towards the tough rehabilitation he’s entering is strong as oak.

In an interview with EvertonFC, the Toffees right back courageously spoke about that horrific moment his leg broke, forcing him to leave the pitch on a stretcher with the aid of oxygen. Although he had never suffered an injury such as this before, he knew it was a serious one when it happened.

“I knew instantly (it was a serious injury). I had never broken a bone in my life but my initial thought was to just hold it and make sure nobody would try to take a quick free-kick or anything like that.

“It was a case of trying to stay calm and look after it until the doctor came on. When he came on, I told him it’s broken and I’m sure he probably knew as well. Once I knew they had it under control, I think the pain started to hit me then.”

Not many people would be willing to watch the incident, but Coleman felt obliged to see it. It was tough, but he powered through, and now he can confidently say that he’s over that significant step.

“I’ve watched it all back. There are some players that wouldn’t want to but I think it’s best to just get it out of the way. I’ve seen the footage and the pictures, I’ve got over all of that. Obviously, it wasn’t nice – but it happened.”

As for the next stage, that road to recovery, he is remaining as positive as ever. He plans on returning to Goodison soon to support his team from the sidelines.

“There will be a lot of treatment as well to help the swelling, but the pain has gone and that’s a massive bonus. I’m quite upbeat at the minute.

“I am looking forward to going back to Goodison again. I would prefer to be going back and putting my boots on, but it’ll be good to go to the game, seeing the lads and supporting them. I’ve been supporting them from home and things have been going well at the moment.”

If only we could bottle that amazing attitude.