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16th Mar 2019

Schalke manager hands fourth official some sweets to apologise for shouting at him

Wayne Farry


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After Schalke 04’s 10-2 Champions League second round aggregate defeat to Manchester City, the Bundesliga club took the decision to sack manager Domenico Tedesco and bring in the veteran Huub Stevens to steer the good ship Schalke away from relegation trouble.

Stevens is a managerial legend in Gelsenkirchen, having the coached the side to a UEFA Cup (now Europa League) and two German cup victories in his six year spell from 1996 to 2002 – a spell led to him being voted coach of the century by the club’s supporters.

He returned to the club via a tonne of other teams in September 2011, before leaving in December 2012, but the departure of Tedesco has given him an opportunity to right some wrongs.

His first game back in charge of the club was on Saturday against Red Bull Leipzig, and the home side – unfortunately for Stevens – lost 1-0.

Stevens understandably was not best pleased with proceedings during the game, a result which leaves his team just three points above the Bundesliga relegation zone.

As such, he took his anger out of the fourth official, lambasting him over some perceived slight on the pitch.

He could have continued, or he could have left it there and simply sat on the bench fuming.

Instead, he thought for a moment, went back to the bench, picked up a sweet, handed it to the fourth official the way your granny would slyly hand you a tenner when you were leaving her house, and smiled at him.

Now, we cannot say for certain that it was a Werthers Original, but if it wasn’t we will be very, very shocked. Good stuff, Mr. Stevens, more of this Premier League managers.