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04th May 2017

Roy Keane just couldn’t resist a dig at Arsenal ahead of Manchester United game

Keane couldn't resist...

Robert Redmond

Roy Keane can never resist taking a pop at Arsenal.

Well, Keane can’t resist taking a pop at anyone really. Earlier this week, he criticised Liverpool and Manchester United for aiming to finish fourth, rather than win the Premier League title.

Apparently, they should be ashamed of themselves.

“When I see clubs like Liverpool and Man United celebrating getting into the top four, I cringe at it, I really do,” Keane said at an event in Ireland.

“Do you think that Real Madrid and Barcelona would be celebrating getting fourth? Come on, get a grip. It is about getting your hands on a trophy.”

However, if there’s one thing that sickens him more than the reduced ambitions of Liverpool and United, it’s Arsenal.

Arsenal host United on Sunday, and defeat for either team could end their chance of finishing in the top four and qualifying for the Champions League.

The fixture at the Emirates comes between two games against Celta Vigo in the Europa League for United, and Jose Mourinho has suggested he may prioritise the European games over finishing in the top four.

Winning the Europa League guarantees Champions League qualification, and Keane reckons Mourinho should focus on Europe. However, he isn’t worried about Mourinho playing a weakened side against Arsenal.

“With the injuries they have and they’ve dropped points against Swansea and Man City in the last week,” Keane said on ITV’s highlights show of the Champions League semi-final between Monaco and Juventus.

“It’s clear from his interview there that his priority is to win the Europa League. I think he is right.

“He won’t forget the top four, but he has prioritised (the Europa League) and he wants to win a trophy that guarantees him Champions League football.”

Keane’s fellow pundit Lee Dixon then asked him if thinks there is anything wrong with Mourinho playing a weakened team against Arsenal on Sunday, in order to keep his injury-hit squad fresh for the return leg with Celta Vigo.

“Well, even a weak team would probably still beat Arsenal, they can afford to do that,” Keane replied.

The former United captain rarely misses a chance to take a dig at Arsenal.

When the Gunners lost 5-1 to Bayern Munich at the Allianz Arena, Keane wasn’t one bit surprised.

“They were very, very poor,” the Republic of Ireland assistant manager said.

“What were you expecting? Did you think they’d go to Bayern Munich and get a result?

“There’s almost no point in being too critical of them because they’re not up to it.  they’ve got two decent players. The rest – average.”