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03rd Dec 2023

Roy Keane cracks up entire Sky Sports studio with classic response to Dynamo trick

Simon Kelly

Say the line, Roy.

Roy Keane has uttered an absolutely classic line after the Sky Sports pundits were subject to a few magic tricks by the magician Dynamo.

During the coverage for Super Sunday on December 3, the magician joined the panel ahead of the Manchester City vs Tottenham game to perform some incredible slight-of-hand.

One such trick involved turning a burning piece of paper into ice and placing it into Micah Richards’ hands, to which the ex-City player replied in disbelief: “What in the Game of Thrones is going on here?”

After delighting the entire studio, even Keane looked properly impressed by the tricks, with a huge grin on his face throughout.

However, once the magician left, it was straight back to same old Keano.

Roy Keane whips out classic line after magic trick

After Dynamo left the studio, presenter Dave Jones said: “He was absolutely extraordinary wasn’t he?”

Pointing at Keane, Jones continued, “You’ve been to David Copperfield, you were trying to look at the other hand to see what was going on.”

It was then that the ex-United captain pulled out one of his most iconic quotes

“Yeah, but it’s his job isn’t it?”

The stone-faced response had the studio erupting into laughter, with even Keane having a little giggle. He followed up his reply by saying, “He was excellent, he was very very good. I couldn’t suss him out.”

You can watch the full video of Dynamo’s magic below.