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04th Jun 2021

Roy Keane and Micah Richards are getting their own show together and it looks amazing

Kieran Galpin

Road to Wembley

A trailer has surfaced of two beloved former football stars Micha Richards and Roy Keane. Posting to their Twitter, Sky Bet has announced an upcoming series that cashes in on the electric chemistry between Richards and Keane.

Roy Keane holds the joint title of the most successful Irish footballer of all time, while Micha Richards is a former member of both Manchester City and Aston Villa.

Already the chemistry is evident, and already, ‘Road to Wembley’ is set to be a refreshing take on football coverage.

“We’re off to Wembley, we’re off to Wembley,” Richards gleams as the trailer opens while a disgruntled Keane waits for his life to arrive. “Take those flags off the car,” Keane adds before getting into the passenger seat.

The show will follow the two as they discuss their football careers, friendship, and the upcoming Euros. Episode one is due to air on Monday, which will have a significant focus on the forthcoming Euros and some of the biggest moments in history.

Fans have taken to social media to show their excitement, with many wondering why it has taken the duo so long to collaborate in this manner.



The series will run for five episodes, though its success could mean future instalments. So Tune in to Road to Wembley on Sky Bets Youtube, Twitter, and Facebook from Monday the 7th of June.