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19th Oct 2016

Robbie Lawler issues stern response to the Georges St-Pierre UFC contract debacle

Another twist in the tale

Ben Kiely

If Georges St-Pierre’s looking for a fight, Robbie Lawler’s more than willing to give him one.

After an age of teasing his return to the Octagon, GSP dropped the bombshell this week that his contract with the UFC had been terminated and although the UFC are claiming that is not the case, his lawyers maintain it is.

According to St-Pierre, there were a lot of factors involved in his contract from 2011 being terminated, including the controversial Reebok sponsorship deal affecting his relationship with his independent apparel sponsors. However, the coup de grace that supposedly ended the deal was the UFC missing a legal deadline to offer the Canadian superstar a fight.

Both he and his lawyers claim GSP was offered a fight against another former champion, Robbie Lawler, just before the deadline passed. St-Pierre turned it down due to the lack of specifics given, such as a date or a venue for the fight, noting that Lawler had recently pulled out of his scheduled bout against Donald Cerrone at UFC 205 and he was unsure when he would be available to fight again.


Lawler has since responded to the GSP situation, and he isn’t one-bit happy. He told ESPN that he was taking some time off from the sport for reflection and to weigh everything up, not because of health issues.

“He says he was offered a fight against me but I wasn’t healthy or whatever. He’s basically trying to read between the lines like other people, not knowing what’s the matter with me. Nothing is the matter with me.”

Ruthless then called the Canadian out, claiming that he is ready to scrap whenever he is. Lawler says he’s been working towards fighting guys like GSP for his entire career and if he has no interest in fighting, he should stop talking to the media.

“Do you accept the fight or not? That’s the real question, right? Because I’m ready to fight right now. Did you accept it or not? I’m guessing you didn’t. Don’t try to hide behind, ‘I’m not healthy.’ That’s not the facts.”

“I’m always ready to fight that guy. I’ve been training my whole life to fight a guy like him, and him in particular. So don’t use my name or try to hide behind something you think might be happening but is not. If he doesn’t want the fight, shut up.”

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