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15th Nov 2018

Man who earned £2.5m million a year with Premier League given £5m farewell gift

Wayne Farry

Richard Scudamore

Richard Scudamore is getting a nice big farewell gift

Sometimes in life, you eventually get what you deserve. You work hard for decades with little reward until the day comes that sees you finally, once and for all, receive worthy compensation for your thousands of hours.

For other people though it doesn’t work quite like that. For some people you work for decades with massive reward until the day comes that sees you leave your job with a massive payment as a farewell gift.

Richard Scudamore is one such person. Scudamore has worked for the Premier League since 1999 and since 2014 has held the role of executive chairman. He reportedly earns £2.5 million a year including bonuses.

He will be stepping down from his role next month, when he will be replaced Susanna Dinnage. He will continue in a (presumably paid) consultancy role.

Ahead of his departure, the Premier League has announced that it will award Scudamore a gift of £5 million  over a three-year period “in recognition of his outstanding work”.

That sum equates to roughly a third of the Premier League’s annual funding for grassroots football organisations, and comes from a central fund of contributions from all 20 league clubs.

Three clubs are said to have fiercely opposed the move, but Bruce Buck – the Chelsea chairman in charge of the process to replace Scudamore – did not give clubs an opportunity to vote.