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21st Nov 2018

Return flights to the UEFA Nations League semi-final and final are just £134

Wayne Farry

The UEFA Nations League may actually be coming home

With England’s place in the semi-final of the greatest tournament in the world (the UEFA Nations League) now confirmed, it is time to begin preparations for doing all that you can to try and make sure the summer of 2019 is as close to the summer of 2018 as is humanly possible.

Of course, last summer was one which will never be recreated; hot days, cold drinks, good friends, great football and Gareth’s band of brave boys rendering it a one-off which will live long in the memory.

Nonetheless, the UEFA Nations League offers Southgate’s side with the opportunity to build upon the progress made in Russia last year and cement their status as one of the best international teams around.

Winning the Nations League – the friendly match replacement derided at first by many before being quickly taken to heart by all but a few – would go some way of doing that, and thankfully you can now make sure that you are there with them, and all for a fairly reasonable fee.

Now while that sounds like I’m about to try and sell you a timeshare, that isn’t the case. No, I am in fact just going to show you how cheap it will be for you and whoever else you want to fly to Portugal come June 2019.

Flying with Tap Air Portugal, you can fly out to Porto a couple of days before the semi-finals on June 3 before returning the day after the (presumably victorious for England) final on June 10, all for the very reasonable sum of just £134.

uefa nations league

Now providing you can get some mates to go along with you, find some tickets and a decent place to stay, what better way could you possibly spend a week during the summer?