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04th Oct 2019

Rebuilding your life after football

Reuben Pinder

“Once you get released, you feel worthless.”

Josh Lukwata was released by Fulham at the age of 18 after spending nine years in their youth academy. Too short to make the grade as a professional goalkeeper, he had to find a new purpose in life.

“As a footballer, you get all your self worth from football. The better you are at football, the more you rate yourself as a person,” the 19-year-old explains to JOE in an exclusive interview.

“Once you get released, you feel like you’re worth nothing.”

From discovering the news via a slip of the tongue from a goalkeeping coach, to finding a new career in music – his first single Mona Lisa currently has over two million listens on Spotify – Lukwats opened up about rebuilding his life after football.