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24th Jan 2022

QUIZ: Name every Watford manager since 2011

Reuben Pinder

Another one bites the dust

As night follows day, Watford sack another manager. This means the Hornets will once again complete a Premier League season having gone through at least three managers, having already sacked one earlier this season.

So, obviously we made a quiz asking you to name every Watford manager since 2011 – including caretaker managers.

It sounds easy but as always, you will find yourself scratching your head trying to remember the forgettable European bloke they brought in for about six games.

Some housekeeping before you begin: I have removed all accents from names because Sporcle won’t accept the right answer without them.

Also, there are three managers in here who, being Spanish, have two surnames. I feel it is only fair that I clarify how they are labelled in the quiz to avoid a tedious exchange of tweets.

For the one who is known just by his first name, you’ll have to put both first name and surname in.

For the one who is known by all three of his names, you either need to write all three, or just his second surname, but not two surnames without the first name. I’m sorry, blame Sporcle’s mechanics.

And the other one is another simple ‘first name, surname’ job. If this trips you up, but you knew the name, give yourself a free point. I don’t care.

Ready? Good luck. You’ll need it.