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03rd Nov 2017

QUIZ: Name every Manchester United captain of the Premier League era

Eight players, three minutes, go...

Robert Redmond

Can you name every Manchester United captain of the Premier League era?

Eight players have been United’s official club captain since the Premier League started in 1992, all of them helping the team to great success. Can you name them all in three minutes?

Before you try, a few brief notes about the quiz.

  1. By “captain”, we mean official club captain.
  2. Therefore, not all players who have worn the armband over the past 25 years will be accepted for this quiz.
  3. For example, Antonio Valencia has been United captain in every game he has played this season. However, as he is not currently the club captain, he is not an answer in this quiz. Other high profile players also miss out.

Good luck, and let us know how you do.

If the quiz doesn’t display, just click here.

For a full list of Manchester United captains, visit by clicking here, after you’ve completed the quiz, of course.