QUIZ: Name these 20 former Bayern Munich players 3 years ago

QUIZ: Name these 20 former Bayern Munich players

Bayern Munich have had a lot of players

How do I know this? How do I know that Bayern Munich have had a lot of players? Well, to create a quiz about 20 of a club's former players you need to do a lot of searching. Wikipedia is an invaluable resource, but nothing can save you from the fact that you have to look at a lot of faces, both young and old.


Some faces are too easy, some are impossible, and then you find the perfectly heated porridge of the football face world, and everything seems good. And then you have to go and find 19 fucking more.

Anyway, enough of my unbridled enthusiasm for now, this is about you. Your task is to identify these 20 players of Bayern Munich days gone by. Some will be easier than others, and others will be really quite hard.

All of these players have represented this massive club since the late 1990s, so either you or a slightly older person you know should at least be able to recognise the majority of the people involved.


There is no shame in getting some wrong, and if you get 20 out of 20 I will personally deliver you a homemade shepherd's pie.