QUIZ: Name these 20 former Borussia Dortmund players 1 year ago

QUIZ: Name these 20 former Borussia Dortmund players

Some are club legends; others are Robert Lewandowski...

Good news, fans of ultimately pointless football quizzes: the time to put your knowledge of former Borussia Dortmund players has *finally* arrived.

Your good friends here at JOE have thrown together a few pictures of men who have played for Dortmund at some point in their careers - some considerably more recognisable than others. All you have to do is correctly match them to the multiple choice options provided.

If that wasn't already straightforward enough, we've made sure every player featured represented the club in the Champions League era (but not necessarily in the Champions League), because as we all know, football didn't really exist before 1992*.

Honestly, the first bit is ridiculously easy - so easy, in fact, that you don't need us to tell you that the answer to question 1 is very obviously Robert Lewandowski. It does get a little bit harder as it goes on, though we'd still expect most football fans to get somewhere near full marks.

As ever, the very best of luck.

*That was a joke. Please don't take it seriously.