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25th Jul 2017

Punter has gone in hard with incredible bet on Conor McGregor vs. Floyd Mayweather

That's confidence for you

Ben Kiely

Only the very brave are placing bets on McGregor-Mayweather and for good reason.

Call it a cash-grab, a freakshow, a circus act… whatever you want. To the non-cynics, all these hackneyed buzz words mean the same thing – Conor McGregor vs. Floyd Mayweather is just plain bizarre.

A strange match-up paves the way for a strange outcome, and since there has never been a fight quite like this before, plenty of people are wary of placing their hard-earned cash on a particular result.

Mayweather is the overwhelming favourite, but there isn’t much value in backing him to beat the debutant. While you will stand to earn a lot of moolah by betting on McGregor, you run the risk of looking like a complete and utter choad if the most likely outcome, a comprehensive Mayweather victory, comes to fruition.

People laughed at Brendan Schaub when he announced his outrageous MayMac bet on his podcast.

The former UFC heavyweight put $100,000 on McGregor to take at least one round against the undefeated prizefighter after boxing commentator Max Kellerman predicted the UFC superstar would not be able to land a single punch.

If you yucked it up over that one, be prepared to belly chuckle yourself unconscious over this American punter’s brave bet that McGregor will win.

It’s high risk, but if it pays off, he will look like an absolute genius.

That’s a huge ‘if’ though.