Prince William lost it during England goal celebration and people love it 6 months ago

Prince William lost it during England goal celebration and people love it

A look into the human side of the royal family

The Royal Family are too often seen as stoic figureheads lacking in any relatability, or better yet, a look into their real personalities. With so many rules and traditions to follow, they sometimes seem like a static representation of the institution rather than individual personalities. But, caught up in the Euros madness, Prince William offered onlookers and eagle-eyed fans a snapshot of excitement, joy, and dare I say goofiness?


With 4.4m views and counting, a video of Prince William celebrating Englands goal has swept the internet with a vengeance.

Thrusting a fist into the air, and with an enormous grin on his face, William was a reflection of the entire nation at that point. Prince George, who looks far more invested in this game than he did a few weeks back, is just as happy. He turns to his mum, giving her a big hug before joining his father in celebration.

Despite describing the match as "heartbreaking", the Prince also said: “you can all hold your heads high, and be so proud of yourselves."

However, by the end of the match, the vibe was very different in the royal box. Huddled together and with sullen expressions, the family look visibly upset.


Fans online are singing the families praises:

"Aww Love seeing this... he might be a Prince and in line for the throne, but he is still like everyone else and it's good to see him enjoying himself with his family."

"Love to seeing this. Shows their normal and let themselves go"


"Prince George's face, gorgeous reaction between dad and son, this is from an Irish woman"

"Absolutely fantastic, he's human and loves his country like we all do"

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have also called out the racism caused by last nights game. In this rare statement, which they shared on Twitter, they detail their "disgust". However, are they merely jumping on the bandwagon along with Boris Johnson and Priti Patel, or are they looking to address this monumental issue?