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14th Nov 2018

Premier League clubs to refuse FA’s proposal to limit number of foreign players in each squad after Brexit

The Premier League are set to refuse the FA's proposal to limit the number of foreign players in each team's squad the league after Brexit

Reuben Pinder

Premier League clubs are unsurprisingly not keen on the idea

Premier League clubs are expected to refuse the FA’s proposal to limit the number of foreign players in each club’s 25-man squad post-Brexit.

Current laws permit each Premier League team to have 17 foreign players in their squads, and the FA have floated the idea of reducing that number to 12 post-Brexit as many European players would not longer meet work permit requirements.

The idea is that by limiting the number, and effectively increasing the homegrown quota, everyone involved could make a the best out of a bad situation by encouraging Premier League clubs to invest more time and money into the development of homegrown players.

However, Premier League clubs are expected to reject the proposal, as they predict that such a move would be tot he detriment of the Premier League’s spectacle and brand.

There are 13 Premier League clubs with more than 12 foreign players in their first team squads at the moment, including the likes of Manchester City, Liverpool, Chelsea and Tottenham Hotspur.

Unsurprisingly, Bournemouth and Burnley have the fewest foreign players, with just five and six oversees players in the 25-man squads respectively.

The FA had looked at the possibility of pushing through the vote through with the incentive of giving a ‘governing body endorsement’ (GBE) for a work permit for every foreign player who signs a contract with a Premier League club.

This way, the FA hoped to retain the glamour of the Premier League, continue to attract top talent, and to simultaneously increase the number of British players getting game time in the top tier.

The association of sporting directors will hold a seminar at the London offices of law firm Squire Patton Boggs this Friday to discuss recruitment issues post-Brexit.

Legal experts will give talks on how clubs will need to adjust their recruitment strategy after Britain has left the European Union.