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21st Mar 2017

Premier League jerseys will have new fonts from next year

Paul Moore


Any football fan will tell you that the only things that matters on a football jersey is the crest and colour, but as we’ve frequently seen, there have been some truly atrocious shirts.

Yep, think about your own club and some of the heinous jerseys that they’ve had. It’s enough to give you the 3am shivers.

While ‘leaked’ shirts from Arsenal and Manchester United have emerged in the last few hours, they’re far from 100% official.

One thing that has been confirmed though is the fact that for the 2017/18 season onwards, Premier League teams will have a new font for names and numbers.

Are there any Hull fans that are nostalgic enough to get Jan Vennegoor of Hesselink printed on their jersey?

Here’s what the new style is going to look like.