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01st Apr 2015

Prankster Pellegrini tricks tabloids with Shameless April Fools’ gag

Pellegrinning more like...

Nooruddean Choudry

Manchester City head honcho Manuel Pellegrini has made April Fools out of Channel 5 and a number of British tabloids by pretending to be a shag-happy layabout with 40 kids.

The tactical trickster appeared on Channel 5 programme 40 Kids by 20 Women last night and has been masquerading as Mike Holpin, 56, from Monmouthshire for the past few months, a period which coincides with Manchester City’s recent poor form.

Pellegrini explained that he was tired of being perceived as a humourless, aloof manager: “I was tired of being perceived as a humourless, aloof manager. I was given a Shameless boxset by Brian Kidd for my birthday and thought I’d have a little bit of fun.”

Portada de Daily Mirror (United Kingdom)Portada de The Sun (United Kingdom)

“Initially I thought the whole 40 children by 20 different women thing was too unbelievable and that no one would fall for it, but it seems I underestimated the British media’s appetite for mocking people on benefits,” said the cheeky Chilean.

Despite the astonishing number of outlets that have been reeled in by Pellegrini’s elaborate ruse, he does feel in hindsight that it may have detracted from his day job: “I’ve loved every minute of it to be honest, but one of the downsides is that City are now out of the title race. Ah well!”

Here at JOE HQ we can’t wait for the Manchester-based mirth-making method man’s next jape.