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23rd Oct 2017

Post from former player compounds fans’ feelings on Liverpool defence

You know it's bad when he's having a dig

Darragh Murphy

It’s like Donald Trump having a pop at your hair.

If Liverpool fans were under any illusions that their side’s defence was good enough to see them through a season, Sunday made it clear that a change was absolutely necessary.

Dejan Lovren endured one of his worst games in a Liverpool shirt as he was embarrassed by Harry Kane on two occasions in the opening stages of the Reds’ trip to Wembley at the weekend.

Spurs hammered the visitors 4-1, with Liverpool having now conceded 15 goals away from home this season which is the Premier League’s worst by some margin.

The lack of leadership in Jurgen Klopp’s back four was pointed out by Graeme Souness in the Sky Sports studios while commentator Gary Neville certainly didn’t go easy on Lovren, whose repeated unreliability epitomised the issues faced by Klopp.

However the most damning indictment of Liverpool’s defensive woes came from a former player, Djimi Traore, who took to Twitter to make his feelings on the matter known.

In case you needed your memory jogged on how Traore fared at Anfield, he was not exactly a rock in Liverpool’s back four and inspired the below song from his own supporters.

“Don’t blame it on the Biscan, Don’t blame it on the Hamann, Don’t blame it on the Finnan, Blame it on Traore, He just can’t, he just can’t, he just can’t control his feet.”

To be fair to Traore, he does have a Champions League winner’s medal to his name but he made quite a few mistakes when he sported the red jersey between 1999 and 2006.

And while some fans felt that Klopp’s assertion that Kane’s freedom “wouldn’t happen if I was on the pitch” was the most damaging criticism of the side’s current defending, most supporters viewed Traore’s tweet as the most conclusive eye-opener.