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13th Nov 2015

Phil Neville has found out that not everyone is happy that Salford City will be on the TV again


As England played out the first half of their friendly with Spain, Phil Neville’s mind was still on Salford City’s FA Cup run.

After it was announced that the club’s second round tie with Hartlepool would be broadcast on the BBC, it seems some people aren’t entirely happy about it.

Phil Neville, one of club’s co-owners, responded to the tweet above.

But his reply didn’t seem to convince everyone that the exposure his club was enjoying was a good thing.

Neville replied again, explaining that the game had been picked by the BBC as it was the tie of the round.

After recording an impressive 2-0 victory over Notts County recently, there’s been even more focus on the club that Neville and some of his former Manchester United team-mates bought own.