People were taking the piss out of Conor McGregor's flamboyant fur coat 3 years ago

People were taking the piss out of Conor McGregor's flamboyant fur coat

FFL newOnly Conor McGregor could pull this one off.

The Irishman was late yet again for his pre-fight press conference ahead of his UFC 205 superfight with lightweight champion Eddie Alvarez.

The Notorious might be a notoriously bad time-keeper, but he's always fashionably late.

So when he did finally role up to the New York presser people couldn't believe what he was wearing.

The Dubliner had bought himself a brand spanking new $50,000 Gucci mink coat and some jazzy red pants to boot. The man knows how to make an entrance, that's for sure...

Like we said, only McGregor could pull off such eye-popping flamboyance.

Some fans on Twitter applauded him for turning up looking like Huggy Bear off Starsky & Hutch.

Others were in awe of his big-balled braggadocio...

But other fans - though in awe of his sartorial elegance - couldn't help taking the piss...

Obviously he was intent on causing a scene and while Alvarez was still backstage, he swiped his lightweight belt and held it aloft.

It was the second belt snatch of McGregor's career (ask Jose Aldo) as he placed Alvarez's lightweight gold beside his own 145lbs strap.

This affront made Alvarez rush back to the stage and throw a chair in the direction of his McGregor's legs.

McGregor snapped and came close to throwing the same chair right back into the American's face as things got a little heated.

It was pure UFC pantomime gold...

These boys are going to be ready to kill each other by the time they step out at MSG on Saturday night.