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12th Feb 2021

People are losing their minds over ‘snugzy’ toys on Tottenham website

Tottenham are selling 'snugzy' toys on their website, possibly the most cursed football toys ever made, and people are losing their minds

Reuben Pinder

Possibly the most cursed toy of all time?

Merchandise is a huge part of any football club’s marketing strategy. You can get pretty much anything with a footballer’s face or the club’s badge on it these days: keyrings, air fresheners, dressing gowns, pillows, you name it. And Tottenham have added another bizarre product to that list, with the ‘Snugzy’ toy.

What the fuck is a ‘snugzy’ I hear you ask? They’re basically soft toys of Spurs players to sit on your bed or your sofa, presumably so you can throw them against the wall whenever one of them makes an “individual mistake” after defending their 18-yard-line for 90 minutes.

Here is a photo of the Eric Dier Snugzy being held by a human hand for scale.

The toys cost £24.99 and can be purchased straight from the Snugzy website, rather than directly through Tottenham’s online store.

Every player is available – you can even customise them and get your own face printed onto a Snugzy, although that would be a bit strange.

The reaction to these on twitter has been one of confusion to say the least.

The Football Ramble tweeted screenshots of the toys listed on the Spurs website, captioned ‘Erm’, summing up our thoughts into three letters.

Then, of course, the memes rolled out, with many finding a way to mock Spurs’ current form under Jose Mourinho.

And it turns out, you can also buy Snugzy toys of Arsenal, Manchester City, Chelsea and West Ham players. Some even have retro shirts on.

So if you’re struggling to think of a birthday present for a friend, and secretly actually dislike them, look no further.