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20th Aug 2015

Pedro’s Chelsea move will save his local club from debt

Tom Victor

The £23m Chelsea are set to pay for Pedro will barely make a dent in the champions’ near-bottomless coffers, but it means the world for a small club in Tenerife.

Raqui San Isidro, who play in the Spanish fourth tier and had Pedro on their books until he joined Barcelona at 17, will receive more than £300,000 upon completion of the transfer – enough to clear their debts, and then some.

According to the Daily Mirror, there will be enough left over for the club to buy a number of apartments to rent out, guaranteeing an extra €5,000 or more per month and removing the Canary Islands team’s money worries.

Talents like Pedro don’t come around every day, so we salute the club for their pragmatism.

Next time he’s back home in Tenerife we doubt he’ll have to pay for a drink.