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30th Oct 2018

Paul Pogba mocks his own infamous penalty run-up in hilarious video

Paul Pogba uploaded a video to social media mocking his own penalty run-up after it received widespread criticism after Pickford stopped his spot kick

Reuben Pinder

His unorthodox penalty run-up has divided opinion

Paul Pogba narrowly avoided huge embarrassment at the weekend, when his penalty was saved by Jordan Pickford, only for it to rebound straight back, allowing him to tap the ball into an empty net.

Even the best players have penalties saved, but this would have been all the more embarrassing after Pogba took an incredible 11 second run-up, taking 26 steps in that time.

It is an unorthodox technique, but one that has just about worked for him so far.

After Pickford parried the penalty, Pogba’s technique was widely criticised by pundits and fans alike. Why does he not allow himself to get more power in the shot? Why does he allow more time for the keeper to put doubts in his mind? Why doesn’t he just hit it hard and low? All valid questions, but questions that Pogba is not going to pay much attention to, going by his latest social media post.

The World Cup winner took to Instagram and Twitter this afternoon to post a video poking fun at his own technique. Evidently, he is not phased by the criticism and his confidence has not been knocked.

The video features the United player walking very, very slowly to his car in the style of his penalty run-up.

What is the best way to stop people taking the piss out of something you do? Own the joke by taking the piss out of yourself.