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17th Oct 2015

Not even falling off a cliff could stop this biker from completing an extreme course (Video)

"It was such a gnarly scenario"

Kevin Beirne

Remember the old saying “If at first you don’t succeed, climb back up the cliff you fell down and do a backflip on your bike”?

We’re pretty sure that’s how it goes – or at least that’s how we’ll say it from now on after watching this unbelievable recovery from Nicholi Rogatkin at the tenth edition of the Red Bull Rampage event.

When coming up to a particularly “gnarly” bit of the course, Rogatkin lost control after his front wheel spun the wrong way and sent him flying down a cliff.

Now that may be enough to send most of us screaming for an ambulance (assuming we’re still conscious, of course), it merely seems to annoy Rogatkin, who brushes himself off and tries again.

Not only does he complete the course on his next attempt, he even throws in a backflip in the middle of it.

Because what’s the point in living if you can’t do backflips immediately after falling down a cliff?